A million dollar question is how can you get someone to work with an owner’s mindset?

Business owners dream of having the people that work, think, and act like them, an owner. The more this doesn’t happen, and the more staff are pushed to achieve it, it remains just that, a ‘dream’. The business can become stuck in a cycle of underperformance – ‘controlling’ managers and ‘underachieving’ people. Everyone becomes frustrated, and the business can’t  reach its potential.

In a small business, everyone matters, and everyone’s contribution matters more so. Operating a small business is tough, and the margins between surviving and thriving are small. Setbacks, affecting the sustainability of the business, can come out of the blue from anywhere, such as the market, and economy. One area an owner can control is to promote a winning culture driving the performance needed for that business to thrive, and the resilience needed to grow in good times and rocky periods.

Business success depends on having the right culture and team; capable and engaged people, focused on delighting customers, believing and actively working towards achieving a united vision for the business.

Winning cultures value teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. People + Process = Performance is a winning formula. For success you need to focus on both; ignoring either is a recipe for lost business opportunities.

Winning cultures are characterised by employees taking ‘ownership’ of their roles and work, accountable for the results they achieve (or not) and engaged in the overall success of the business. They think like an owner.

To discuss how you can get your team acting like ‘owners’, contact Luke Piper for a no-obligation discussion. You will get some valuable takeaways you can use in your business.