Fortnightly BUSINESS BUILDER meetings for smart Business Owners




The purpose of MBM is to build a network of connected businesses, make connections, gain business insights, build real relationships with other business owners, suppliers, customers and advisers – people who can assist you to grow and develop your business.


50% social, 50% business. A relaxed and productive meeting where you will NOT be SOLD TO.
You will make connections, learn new things, develop real relationships & trust with other members, from which opportunities follow.


> Business is about people and relationships
> People do business with people. People who they KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST.
> Build the relationship, then business will follow


30 Second Round

Allows you to share what you do and who is the ideal referral for you. Why you are awesome!

Insight Slot

Where an MBN member gets to speak to the room in a 15 minute slot. Providing members something of value, advice, or information. NOT a sales pitch.

Three one-on-ones

10 minute business meeting with other MBN members.

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Contact Murray Dempsey on
021 639 994

Christchurch MBN Group meeting

Location: The Brewers Pub and Restaurant  – 177 Papanui Road, Christchurch

Meeting: Every fortnight on a Thursday

Time: 7.30am – 9am



How long is a membership for?

Your membership runs for twelve months. Memberships can be paid in a lump sum or as monthly payments.

Can other people attend for me?

MBN is about personal connections and relationships, so your membership is personal to you. If you have other staff in your business or company that would also like to attend they are welcome to attend two times as a visitor.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

Our meeting are relaxed and we don’t have lists of rules and you won’t be punished for not attending a meeting, we understand networking has to fit into your life not control it. Of course regularly attending as many meeting as possible is the way to get the most from networking. But of course, If you have something that means you can’t attend, we don’t expect you to attend the meeting. You can also attend meetings at other groups. Our meetings are business focused, but we also value the social element of networking. It’s a balance.

Meetings are structured, so productive, right?

MBN meeting although relaxed do follow a set format so they ensure everyone is made to feel welcome, fully involved and gets value from the meeting.

During every meeting the agenda is

– Open Networking

– 30 Second round, chance to tell the group about your business

– InSight Slot, learn something new

– Three 1-on-1 10 minute meetings with other members!

Also at MBN we know there’s more to life than just business so we value the social side of networking as well. It’s a balance.

Is MBN membership is open to all businesses?

Our groups comprise members from a wide and diverse range of business from many different business categories. MBN membership is open to business owners, operators and entrepreneurs no matter what their business.

Businesses may provide a similar service into the same marketplace, even so none of those business is exactly the same as the others. If you provide marketing consultancy, legal or accounting services, car repairs,  PR, Gym Owner or whatever, your version of what you do is unique to you!

At an MBN meeting there may be more than one lawyer or mechanic at the same meeting. As each of your businesses are unique they will do things you can’t and vice versa. So on the face of things you are ‘competitors’, they are more an opportunity than a threat. Often we find ‘Competitors; can effectively collaborate to each others advantage (and their clients advantage), by filling the gaps in each other’s product or service offering.

Can I also be a member of other networking organisations?

Yes absolutely. MBN is about forming person connections and relationships. As you and the members you connect with get KNOW & LIKE each other TRUST is developed and real genuine business follows.

As you build your network of people who will assist you grow your business, relationships will deepen and you will find you will gain access to their network as well. A wide and diverse network of genuine connections and relationships is the key to growing your business.

Do I have to bring a referral with me to meetings?

No.  Different networking organisations structure themselves differently.  Referral networking organisations structure their meeting with the purpose of generating referrals and leads for members from other members of the group.

MBN networking is about building real relationships with other members, not simply just to obtain referrals from them.  At MBN making connections and developing real and trusted relationships with other members is the where the value lies. People do business with those that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

From the relationships you form; business will follow, joint ventures / collaborative venture are formed, trusted suppliers found, business ‘know how’ imparted, and growth in one’s business achieved far beyond what the owner thought possible.

I have a small or part-time business, is MBN for me?

Absolutely. MBN is the forum where in a structured format you can make connections and form relationships with business owners and operators that you may not normally have the opportunity to connect with. Relationships that can provide you the assistance and opportunities needed to make your business grow and thrive. No matter what the size of your business you have skills, knowledge, contacts and a personal network that vales to entire MBN network.

My business is a niche business is MBN for me?

Businesses that provide services that almost everyone uses (Tax accounting, motor mechanics, plumbers, lawyers etc) do well and secure referrals in Networking organisations focused on passing referrals between members. For most other business that not everyone needs their services, or are used less often, in such organisations find getting good referrals and making real connections is rare. MBN being non-exclusive and an open networking platform based on relationship s, works for all types of businesses, as business comes from forming trusting relationships with members and the people they know.

Can I get involved in the leadership of an MBN group?

Being involved in the running of a group is great platform for you to raise your profile with group’s members and all members in the network. You will also develop your skills, develop your business and have fun along the way.

As part of the leadership of a group you get; instant kudos and everyone knows who you are, you are at the centre of all group communications, and are the initial contact for visitors and members guests. Leadership team roles are Group Leader, Marketing Director and New Member Director.