Working with your Improvement Partner you not only get their expertise you also get the expertise of all the Partners in our firm. Our partners are successful business owners, former executives and working together they are focused on making your business work the way it needs too for you.


Murray Dempsey

Murray Dempsey

Director & Business Partner

After completing a bachelor of commerce degree, Murray started his business career working in the UK managing a group of independently operated service stations / convenience stores, where he received a practical grounding in the fundamentals of business management, marketing and retailing.

Following a passion for travel, Murray undertook an overland journey from London to Cape Town in a VW Kombi. Subsequently working for UK Adventure Travel company across Africa.

On returning to NZ, Murray became a small business owner operating service station / convenience store businesses. Stemming from the success of his business and building on his practical business and life experiences, he was inspired to complete an MBA so as to gain a deeper and broader understanding of business management.

On completion of his Masters studies, Murray in 2001 moved to Australia to work for a major global travel company, with the purpose of designing and implementing a business improvement programme for them with the objective to improve their organisational effectiveness, customer focus and overall performance. Whilst there, he also established and grew an internal market research business to provide the company the understanding of their customers, markets and people required for them to better compete in their marketplaces.

Murray has over recent years, has been assisting businesses to better how they can improve their performance and make their businesses work for their owners. Utilising the fundamental principles and practices that lead to superior business performance, works with businesses to make them ‘world class’.

Murray is also the owner of Metropol magazine, Canterbury’s #1 Lifestyle magazine.

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Luke Piper

Luke Piper

Director & Business Partner

With over 15 years combined experience across:

  • General Management
  • Governance
  • Business ownership
  • Business Consultancy

Luke is a seasoned professional with tremendous knowledge under his belt working with a variety of companies for many years. Luke has successfully consulted to a variety of businesses and industries including but not limited to:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sports clubs
  • Transport logistics
  • Manufacturing/ Joinery
  • Residential Construction

Always thriving for more, Luke is constantly on the lookout for his next test or intricate business opportunity that will challenge him. His passion for seeing others succeed combined with his successful track record with a wide variety of clients makes Luke a sound choice for any business owner looking to improve the outcomes of their operation.

Luke’s knowledge comes from the executive management positions he has successfully occupied in his career prior to starting to work with SME’s. His inclusive grassroots small business experience make him an ideal EBI Business Improvement Specialist. From a young age, Luke has excelled in what he has wished to achieve, having a successful professional sports career, holding a double degree in education and sport science. Luke’s intrinsic knowledge and experience with SME’s allows him to understand and evaluate all the elements of an SME from the ground up and can therefore implement the right strategies quickly with SME to see tangible results.

Luke has a great understanding of SME fiscal management complimented by his overall business acumen. Luke’s strongest attribute is his ability to “think outside the box”. His overall business planning and strategic thinking skills demonstrate his ability to think about innovative ways to solve problems, while being relevant and accurate to a specific situation or business.

During his spare time, Luke enjoys playing golf, surfing, snowboarding, keeping fit with regular exercise, and is a dedicated father to his 11-year-old son and husband to wife Chloe.

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Sean Roscoe

Sean Roscoe

Director & Business Partner

Following on from a successful corporate and private business career, Sean Roscoe brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Business Success Partner. He started his career as a graduate mechanical engineer in the automotive industry where he held roles in product design, sales and marketing followed by business consulting and then a general management role within the beverage industry.

His exposure to design, manufacture, international supply chain, sales and marketing and corporate finance, coupled with external MBA study has uniquely prepared Sean for major business turnaround and growth projects. The ability to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to business problems has allowed Sean to deliver a number of successful projects in the automotive, dairy, finance and retail sectors.

His broad experience, coupled with the extensive resources and robust methodologies of the Business Success Programme, enables him to work

with business owners to identify shortfalls and potential growth areas in order to unlock value inherent in their businesses.

From a personal perspective, Sean is married to Tosca and they have two primary school children.

He holds a private pilot licence, is a keen golfer and takes every opportunity to get into the countryside for a little mountain biking or fly fishing.

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