What is your plan for making a profit? This is your Business Model and describes the basis of how your business creates and delivers value to its targeted customers. Having clarity of what you are selling, exactly to which customers and understanding why they would buy from you.

Developing your Business Model: The process of understanding what business you are in? How to build and develop a business to generate profit! is a fundamental part of the business strategy process.

The team at EBI specialise in implementing tailored business improvement strategies to make business work for their owners.

The Business Model Workshop is conducted over one-day with business owners and their key team members to provide them an understanding of their Business Model; challenges ideas, clarify assumptions and reset there thinking on how to set up or reset their business for better growth and profitability.

Over the day, in a highly interactive workshop, you and your team will work through the nine building blocks to learn and understand how to be able to build and develop your Business Model.

The 9 building blocks covered to create the Business Model workshop are:

  1. Customer Segments- Who is the most important customers you are delivering value to?
  2. Value Proposition -What makes customers turn to you over your competitors?
  3. Channels – How are you reaching your customers and through what channels?
  4. Customer Relationships – How does your business build, nurture and grow customer relationships?
  5. Revenue Streams – For what value is each customer segment willing to pay for our services or products?
  6. Key Resources – What key resources does our business required to deliver on our value proposition?
  7. Key Activities – These are the areas of the business we need to be good at to deliver on our value proposition to our customer base.
  8. Key Partners – Who will partner us in delivering our value proposition to our customers?
  9. Cost Structure – How much will my business cost to run?

At the conclusion of this workshop each participant will have completed a full review of their existing Business Model and or perhaps even created an entirely new business model. You will leave with the fundamental understanding of your ‘business recipe’ for how you will design and develop your business to create and deliver value to its targeted customers. Make a profit and get on the path to achieving your Strategic Objectives and getting your business working in the way you envisioned it should when you set it up.