Your business model is your plan for making a profit? This is your Business Model and describes the basis of how your business creates and delivers value to your targeted customers.

Having crystal clarity of… WHAT? – what you are selling,  WHO? – exactly to which customers and WHY? – understanding why they would buy from you.

Businesses tend to focus on specific parts of the business, the day to day, the activities associated with what they do or produce, and lose sight of the overall purpose of the business.

Developing your Business Model is the process of understanding; What business you are in? How to attract and secure customers and what’s needed to deliver value to them? How to build and develop a business to generate profit!

This work is a fundamental to setting your business up to make improved and ongoing profitability.

This is a hands on workshop, conducted with the business owners and their key staff, over two half days.

Cost is $1,200+gst per business

(This workshop is approved for 50% Regional Partners Funding if available)

Contact EBI to organise to find out more and organise your workshop.  info@ebi.cworks  021 639 994

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